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The group's assessment outcomes and Summary Fact Sheets are provided in the table below. The conclusions reported in the table do not in all cases reflect the current assessment status of the substances listed. Further assessment work may have been carried out on a substance since the finalisation of its summary fact sheet.

féreg a gégében körömféreg tünetek kezelése nőknél

Fulfilling vPvB criteria The substance fulfils the vPvB criteria or it fulfils the vPvB screening criteria but no further information is required at the moment. Deferred The substance is a suspected PBT or vPvB, but it is at present not possible to request the generation of the data necessary to achieve a definitive conclusion or the substance is a suspected PBT or vPvB, but the substance is not of interest due to zero or low volume used.

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Disclaimer: Neither ECHA nor the rapporteur may be held liable for the use which may be made of the information contained in the table below or in the Summary Fact Sheets listed.

Statements made or information contained in the documents are without prejudice to any formal regulatory activities that ECHA or the Member States may have initiated or may initiate at a later stage.

The outcomes presented in the table and in the Summary Fact Sheets were compiled on the basis of information available by the end of

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